Melanie Scheer


The [cloud] is a concept for building a student community at Anhalt University and creating a platform for different characters to connect and interchange. It was brought to life by my former fellow students Hannes Wilke and Mathilde Scholz in 2016. 

The self-organized student room is serving as a center. It is a place to get together, work, discuss or simply have a coffee. Everybody shall get a chance to experiment and co-create in this safe environment.

The [cloud] is voluntarily managed by a group of students called admins, that I was proud to be part of while studying in Dessau. We kept everything in order and organized workshops or events like the “Monday Pitch“. The Monday Pitch is a format to get instant feedback on your projects. Every Monday, three to four presenters pitch their projects. The five minute presentation is followed by a ten minute discussion. The audience gets an inside on what others are working on and has the chance to practice giving feedback.

Before the [cloud], there was only little life on campus. Bachelor and master students did not actively interact and people had no reason to stay on campus — since there was no place to just work and relax. Especially our weekly movie night “cinema paradiso“ and our monthly game night brought together national and international students and other people living in Dessau.

The [cloud] is a constant prototype. It shapes its own environment and adjusts to new circumstances or needs. Over time, the room is rearranged and admins as well as users further develop the [cloud] concept. They regularly have admin meetings or workshops in which urgent problems are discussed to find and immediately test possible solutions.

I also took care of our social media accounts and helped increasing the quality and outreach of our communication, e.g. through posters, the university website and a booklet. To strengthen our sense of community, I organized activities like a pyjama day and screen printed socks for the [cloud] admins.

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