Melanie Scheer


A Progressive Disease

Battle is easier than therapy.

A Progressive Disease

Real emotions are being prevented by defensive emotions.

A Progressive Disease

Emotionally blocked.


The noble narcissist does not ask whether he was good, he takes it for granted and wants approval, too.

Inferiority Complex

People with narcissistic personality disorder suffer from a fundamental feeling of inferiority which can appear in any imaginable way of self-experience. Praise, appreciation and gratitude drip off like rain from a weatherproof coat.

Self-Worth Disturbed

If others are worse, I am automatically better.

These poster series illustrate the characteristics and consequences of a narcissistic personality disorder based on the book "Die narzisstische Gesellschaft" by German psychoanalyst Hans-Joachim Maaz.

The posters provoke thought — Do we recognize these traits within ourselves? After experimenting with different techniques and materials, I decided to work with semantic typography to visualize quotes by Maaz.

hanging the posters in the administrative headquarters of Anhalt University

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