Melanie Scheer

Palucca tanzt

During a project in celebration of 100 years of Bauhaus, I came across Gret Palucca, a revolutionary of German expressionist dance. Palucca had close relationships in Dessau – she was a muse for Bauhaus students as well as teachers. 

Palucca‘s story and mindset amazed me. I was fascinated by the contrary opinions about her which I was able to collect during my research. I decided to show dynamics and motion at one of Palucca‘s former working places – Dessau and the Bauhaus – by letting a camera dance and creating a book with the resulting images.

The book includes three layers: Photographs showing Palucca‘s view in a state of movement, a text layer presenting critics‘ and admirers‘ views about her, and a neutral information layer to give biographic facts. Japanese bookbinding allows me to work with photo sequences running over the pages, incorporating the theme of dance.

The book is part of „photographische erzählungen. bauhaus dessau 1925 – 1932“ – an ensemble of 5 fictional or documentary stories based on photographs found in the Bauhaus Archive in Dessau.

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