Melanie Scheer


Prokscheer is a typeface that Markus Prokscha and I created. After one year of work, there is still a lot to improve. It was our first experience in type design and I learned a lot about and through the process. 

We started with looking at details which were pleasing or bothering us about fonts we use regularly. We liked letters that are based on symmetrical geometric shapes, the documentary character of monospaced fonts and serifs. These characteristics should define our typeface. Prokscheer shall be something fresh, very dainty and a little playful.

When we knew what we wanted our typeface to look like, we created a grid for sketching the letters and figured out a workflow to keep consistency in our design. We transferred these drafts to Illustrator, where we continued to edit the characters, before finishing them in Glyphs.

At first we created a thin character set which later served as a skeleton for the bolder fonts. Our next steps include the work on details and the improvement of spacing and kerning. 

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